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September 11, 2014

Planter Fasciitis Compression Sock Designed to provide plantar fasciitis compression, the HA-1 from Zamst is a special sock made for sufferers of this most annoying of foot ailments. It also gives “vertical gradual compression from the ankle through the calf muscle,” as the company puts it, ostensibly improving circulation and encouraging oxygen flow to the muscles. $59.99.

An evening hike with mountaineer Melissa Arnot and Zamst

September 4, 2014

Melissa Arnot, professional mountain guide, passionate mountaineer and Ever
est guardian, is a force to be reckoned with. She is the female record holder for summiting Mount Everest (five times) and one of the founders of the Juniper Fund which provides assistance to individuals, families, and communities in underserved countries adversely impacted by their work for the mountain-based adventure industry. She deals with a great deal of risk in her profession, has experienced unfathomable tragedy on Everest, and many other challenges, but she stays true to the love she has for the mountains and shares her knowledge with others while helping them push their limits to get to their own summit.

Along with Zamst, a company that provides precision and engineered support technology through their
products and services which help support people’s active lifestyle in improved physical health, a select group of media had the opportunity to take an evening hike up Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon with some of the representatives from the company and Melissa Arnot. It was a chance to get more acquainted with Zamst and their products along with Arnot, who is a part of the elite athletes of Zamst, the ‘Z Team’. READ MORE

April 28, 2014 issue 1416

At Zamst, an advanced understanding of the medical field forms the basis for the brand’s engineered support technology. “The bracing and support category is showing significant year-over-year growth with the aging baby boomer population as well as a higher awareness of injury prevention,” commented Zamst’s Marketing Manager Laura Cleveland. “The overall technology for this category is lighter weight for performance with enhanced stabilization. Athletes are looking for products that won't weigh them down, and that provide full range of motion while stabilizing and supporting the area in need.”

Zamst’s ZK-7 Knee Brace is the strongest knee support for moderate to severe sprains of the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL for $80. Exo-Tech Qaud construction provides four-way ligament support with resin stays for medial and lateral stability, and x-strap and parallel straps for anterior and posterior stability to the ACL/PCL. For moderate to severe ankle sprains, Zamst is offering the A2-DX Ankle Brace for $65. The A2-DX is made with i-Fit and a-Fit technology for an anatomically (right and left) correct fit, and its Exo-Grid is a dual exterior molded support structure with Grip Tech that prevents the ankle from rolling inward and outward.

November/December 2012 issue

Along with the increased participation in individual and team sports and activities, as well as the growing ranks of Baby Boomers, Zamst USA has seen an increased awareness of pre- and post-injury protection to maintain active lifestyles, says marketing manager Laura Cleveland. Based in Newport Beach, CA, Zamst brought its established line in its home base in Japan to the States a few years ago.

Designed in Japan, Zamst features flyweight construction and breathable fabrication for its supports and braces that target specific ligaments and tendons of the body. The company also offers several sizes in many of its products to better tailor fit. It recently introduced the RK-1, which was developed as a solution for IT Band Syndrome. It is an ultrathin, anatomically correct, breathable sleeve supported by an exo-tech dual cruciate (MCL/LCL) support. The spiral strap with patella anchor pad provides lower leg alignment keeping the knee in a neutral position during performance. Restricting the lower leg from internal rotation during activity reduces inflammation of the tissue.

September/October 2012 issue

The Zamst ZK-7 is a lightweight, strong support brace with open bottom design that provides for a customized fit and prevents slippage. Criss-crossed front and parallel backside straps provide effective compression and increased anterior stability for lower leg. Unique resin stays improved lateral/medial stability and enable smooth flexion and extension. They are for use in prevention and/or support of moderate or severe sprains.