Physioballs and medicine balls are making a positive impact to rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and general fitness.   Physioball workouts can be incorporated in dynamic warm ups, strength workouts, workouts for young athletes, sports conditioning and rehabilitation. 

Strength ball training builds from the core out to the extremities, accommodating the upper and lower body while turning on the core on for increased strength.  A stronger core is important as the athlete increases his or her speed and strength center.  For athletes, the goal of strength ball training is to teach their body to move more skillfully.

For functional fitness, incorporating whole body stability and balance into exercise increases metabolism and builds strength. 

Progression in these exercises are key.  It is good to start out fairly simple then move onto harder exercises. 

Strength ball training is useful for all populations, as it can be easily adapted to meet a variety of needs and goals. 

Jessica Thomas MS, ATC, CHC
Z Team