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Surfs Up In 2012, there were an estimated 1,736,00 surfers just in the United States alone.  One might not typically think there is a great deal of injuries associated with surfing.  But as the popularity of the sport increases and as surfers continue to establish new levels of performance it is natural to see injuries occur.  Some injuries are acute (injuries that happen spontaneously) while others are chronic (slow progressive injuries).

A Hawaiian orthopedic surgeon wrote a book called “Surf Survival” in which he researched a few studies and broke down the top surf injuries as follows:

1. Lacerations (cuts)
Face 24%
Feet 20%
Head 17%
Legs 16%
Arms 6%

2. Contusions (bruises)
Face 30%
Chest 23%
Arms 9%
Legs 8%
Feet 8%

3. Most Common Areas for Sprains & Strains
1. Knee
2. Shoulder
3. Ankle
4. Back
5. Neck
6. Hip

4. Fractures
Face 30%
Chest 23%
Arms 9%
Legs 8%
Feet 8%

Compared with other sports, surfing is relatively safe. Contact with the surfboard, rocks, coral, or sand causes most injuries. Surfing with common sense, sunscreen, and proper equipment can help prevent injury.