• Does Zamst ship outside of the US?

    Please contact customerservice@zamst.us for shipping details.
  • When my order is placed when will it ship?

    All orders placed before 11am PST will ship out the same day.
  • What shipping methods does Zamst use?

    To better serve our customers, Zamst uses a variety of shipping methods including FedEx, UPS, USPS to deliver throughout the Americas depending on the address provided.
  • Do I have the option to order over the phone?

    Zamst does not accept phone orders at this time.  There are two convenient ways to place an order:
    1. Contact Zamst to find a retailer in your area
    2. Order using Zamst.us 
  • What if my item is not in stock?

    Contact customerservice@zamst.us for suggestions on a comparable product or anticipated ship date of the item out of stock.
  • How do I track my shipment?

    Once the order has shipped, Zamst will send out tracking information to the e-mail provided.


  • How can I get Zamst stickers?

    We are happy to send you stickers if you mail us a self-addressed and stamped enveloped to:

    5 Corporate Park
    Suite 250
    Irvine, CA 92606
    We do not take sticker requests by phone or email.
  • Are the ankle braces sold in pairs?

    Our ankle braces are sold separately.
  • Are your ankle braces universal?

    Our ankle braces are not universal because they are anatomically correct and are specifically made for a right and left ankle. 
  • How long can I expect my brace to last?

    Typically our products are made for 2-3 months or one season.  It really does depend on the usage and wear and tear of the merchandise.    
  • How should I select a size and is this information available online?

    Most of our products require measurement of the circumference of the arm, thigh, calf, etc.  Other areas may require you to measure the distance.  For ankle or stockings, the size is based on your shoe size. If it falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.  Sizing can be found on our website; you can also download the catalog with sizing information as well.   
  • How should I care for the Zamst products?

    Please wash according to the following directions :
    1. Use a neutral detergent and hand wash it in a tub or sink. Dry away from direct sunlight.
    2. Please note that the product may fade as a result of washing.
    3. Do not place in a dryer or have it dry-cleaned.
    4. Do not iron it or use chlorinated detergents.
  • How do I know what brace is right for me?

    Most of our products are specifically made to prevent or support certain type of sport related injuries.  Please consult a medical professional and refer back to the information on the packaging or visit our website.                   
  • I am experiencing pressure on the sides of my foot from my ankle braces?

    This can be a result of the ankle braces being too small and a larger size ankle brace would be more appropriate.
  • I am experiencing pressure from the plastic rigid guards on the A2-DX ankle braces?

    The A2-DX ankle braces come with two extra padding that are located inside, which can be place in the area that is causing pressure.  This will in turn, provide more padding and relieve the pressure.
  • How does the Thumb Guard mold to your hand?

    The Thumb Guard has Thermo-plastic material inside.  To mold placed the thumb guard in warm to hot water for 20-30 second, then place it on and compress it around your thumb.