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When designing products for Elite Athletes, human mechanics must be taken into account as much as the functional benefits. Our products allow for enhanced performance through “freedom of movement” design and lightweight fabrications, while protecting athletes from sport specific injuries.

Attaining an appreciation for our “Art of Design” is visually seeing how we adapt to enhance the human mechanics, and protect our Elite Athletes.

Welcome to the World of Z-Creation!


ANKLE SUPPORT Technologies

x strap stabilizer

Provides 3-way anterior, lateral and medial support.

The 2 cross straps provide a figure 8 taping technique that secures the ankle in place. This strapping technique is designed to help prevent the ankle from rolling medially, laterally, and anteriorally. The plantar strap and cross straps are made of an anti-migration material that prevents the foot from slipping while in the shoe. This anti-migration adds to the stabilization strength of the X Strap.

exo-tech (xternal)

Dual molded exterior support structures provide enhanced, anatomically correct medial and lateral (eversion/inversion) stability.

This EXO-TECH skeleton provides enhanced support for all ankle sprains, especially high ankle sprains. The anatomically correct medial and lateral guards help prevent the ankle from rolling in and out. The added upper strap secures the ankle in place helping to prevent high sprains.


Open panel design with adjustable fasteners provides individualized fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression levels.

We have enhanced the overall comfort of this product by designing the rear entry system within the individualized fit. There are two adjustable fasteners in the rear that allow the individual to tighten or loosen to their personal preference. The individualized fit can be enhanced through the two additional buffers provided with the product. These buffers can be placed around the high ankle or the inner and outer anklebone to enhance overall comfort.

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