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When designing products for Elite Athletes, human mechanics must be taken into account as much as the functional benefits. Our products allow for enhanced performance through “freedom of movement” design and lightweight fabrications, while protecting athletes from sport specific injuries.

Attaining an appreciation for our “Art of Design” is visually seeing how we adapt to enhance the human mechanics, and protect our Elite Athletes.

Welcome to the World of Z-Creation!


ANKLE SUPPORT Technologies

micron Tech

External Micron urethane stabilizer provides medial and lateral support.

The Filmista is equipped with a micron urethane stabilizer, which provides the ankle with ultra thin lateral support. Most ankle sprains occur on the lateral side of the ankle. When the ankle rolls outward, it is known as an inversion sprain. Since inversion sprains make up 90% of ankle sprains experienced by individuals, the Micron-Tech urethane stabilizer is designed to provide extra support to the lateral side of the ankle. This helps to reduce the risk of rolling out the ankle.


Flex Film compression provides variable support.

The Filmista is designed with a layer of stabilizing technology and a layer of flex film to create a minimalist product that provides compression and stability. The micron tech layer is designed with a strong film that increases stability yet remains minimal. The C-Flex film contains a flexible layer that allows for varying compression levels. This flexibility allows an individual to tighten or loosen the brace according to the level of support they desire.


Open panel design with adjustable fasteners provides individualized fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression levels.

To help prevent the ZK-7 from slipping while in motion, we incorporated i-Fit technology through the semi-open panel design. This technology is located on the anterior side of the brace beneath the ACL cross over straps. The open-panel design has adjustable fasteners to allow for individualized fit, enhanced comfort, and variable compression levels. This allows the individual to apply compression according to their comfort level, still allowing a full range of motion while active.

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